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Bayelsa is one of the rich oil producing states in the Southern region of Nigeria. Bayelsa is recorded as the first place where crude oil was discovered in Nigeria (Oloibiri, 1956), It is one of the places where the early missionaries and colonial masters resides to do all kinds of business. Bayelsa comprises of both fishermen and farmers. Bayelsa is situated in the riverine part of the country where a lot of indigenes resides by the sea shore and fish as their major occupation. Bayelsa state has so many hidden tourist sites that has not been explore by tourists and investors, Bayelsa hold beautiful and mind bubbling untold stories that are yet to be explored by great film makers and writers. Since the emergence of Nollywood in Nigeria, film makers has not truly explore the historical and captivating stories, livelihood, traditions and cultures of the Izon Nation known as Bayelsa.

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To host an annual international film festivals and art exhibitions to provide both professional and amateur filmmakers with a space for display and dissemination of their art works. ii. Facilitate the process of peer-learning and social interaction between and within, filmmakers, industry and interested audiences. iii. Design, organize and conduct series of concepts and skill development workshops and courses for young filmmakers and artists. iv. Design, organize and conduct inter-cultural exposure visits of filmmakers, artists and performers for a better understanding of each other and share ideas to increase business ties in the continent. v. To promote and project hidden talents in the field of film making. vi. To promote the art of film making by awarding and honouring filmmakers.


To become a world renowned state international film festival that celebrates African film makers and promote our African cultural heritage through film.


The mission of BIFF is to engage filmmakers, artists, performers, academics and members of creative community to unravel the delicacies of diversities and locate common grounds across cultures and societies. To provide an exciting, educative and information oriented film festival. These efforts would be directed to establishing a dedicated Bayelsa International Film Festival as a centre of excellence for skill development and continuous education of aspirants, amateurs and professionals associated with media and film industry.

Bayelsa International Film Festival 2024

BIFF is a must attend film festival because it will be informative, entertaining and educative.

BAYELSA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is established in this light to create a platform where our aspiring film makers will be trained by professionals through our master classes, have a round table discussion with great film makers and build business ties, get involved in the film festival and be inspired to produce competitive movies that will meet world standard, etc. BIFF is also established as a channel through which tourists and investors will come to Bayelsa and explore our tourist sites, have knowledge of our hospitable environment and develop interest to do business thereby creating jobs for our unemployed youths.

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