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BIFF is an amazing Film Festival in Nigeria

Welcome to Bayelsa International Film Festival (BIFF). BIFF is the best of its kind in the southern region of Nigeria. Our major aim is to converge international and local film makers and renowned academia to have a fun-filled and educating film festival. BIFF will communicate the date of this edition soon.


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Join us at BIFF 2020 .

What to Expect


BIFF in this first edition will screen over ninety (90) movies within the period of the festival. These movies will inform, entertain and educate the audience in line with our theme in order to produce a positive result.


In as much as BIFF is all about film, we are introducing fashion because fashion has become an integral part of every celebrated individual. It is believed that celebrities are the mirror of the society, in other words, everybody wants to dress like the celebrities therefore we are introducing this to bring to our footsteps what is trendy in the fashion world and also to spice up the event.


BIFF in this edition aim to use this festival as a channel to have master classes where professionals and renowned filmmakers will be speaking on vital topic to enhanced the film industry.


In every field of work when persons are awarded for their excellent performances, it encourages them to do more and also inspire the upcoming ones and those intending to hope of someday getting the height of being awarded. Likewise, BIFF propose to award those who have done marvelously well in the film industry all over Africa so that our indigenous film makers will be inspired and aim at someday being awarded too.


Bayelsa is endowed with so many beautiful cultural activities that are hidden from most persons especially outside Nigeria. BIFF will use this medium to showcase our various traditional performances and their aesthetics to our guests and the general audience and by so doing projecting our culture to the world at large.


Music and comedy are parts of drama that one cannot dispute but in this case we propose to infuse these two sections of the entertainment industry to spice up the festival, making our guests and audience to have a fun filled festival and also to encourage and inspire our upcoming artists by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents.

BIFF never relents in her effort for Professionalism.

In every year numerous film festivals emerge around the globe which has now made film festivals competitive in programming and content delivery. Bayelsa International Film Festival (BIFF) is one of the few that is relentlessly working to ensure a quality, educative and entertaining Film Festival in Nigeria.

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What Our Audience Is Saying

I am short of words in describing Bayelsa International Film Festival and her team. They are so far the best team I have worked with. As a filmmaker based in Cameroon, I strongly see that this is a great platform to showcase our products.

JULIANA SHANTI Producer/Director

When I was contracted by the boss of BIFF Mr. Moses Etonzor, I was skeptical about it since he mentioned that this is the maiden edition but so far with what I’ve seen, I will say kudos for all the efforts that has been put to work.

JOY DUKE Event Manager

I traveled to Bayelsa when I heard the information that my boss is planning a Film Festival. Since I arrived it’s been work, work and work and all is to ensure a breath taking film festival. From what I have seen so far, the film festival is already a success.

ITA UMOH Producer

It’s not been quite long I got to know about Bayelsa International Film Festival (BIFF) but to be sincere my experience with this team has been amazing. To me, it’s a great privilege and I strongly know that this festival will be so amazing.


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